Trip Itinerary/Lodging


Most hunts are conducted by laying out "Texas Style". For this style of hunting we recommend a warm waterproof jacket and bibs. Wearing waders is a good idea on raining days. Face masks are a must (white or camo). White Tyvek suits will be provided on the day of your hunt.


We recommend 10 or 12 gauge with improved cylinder capable of holding more then 3 shells in the spring.


We recommend #1's, 2's, or BB for snows/Canada geese.


Clients will not be permitted to bring their own dogs. There are no exceptions to this rule for obvious safety reasons.


Maryland and Delaware licenses can be purchased on-line and printed upon completion. Pennsylvania licenses can also be obtained on-line but will be mailed to the purchaser. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. We will be happy to assist you if you need help in obtaining a license.


Please call for lodging options.

Guided Hunts In Maryland, Delaware And Pennsylvania