About Tundra South Outfitters...
At Tundra South we take pride in being one of the best Snow Goose hunting crews on the East Coast. We begin hunting in early December when the birds first arrive on the Delmarva, and chase them through Mid-March as they make their migration back north through Pennsylvania in the spring.

When hunting with Tundra South you can expect to see one of the hardest working crews in the Atlantic Flyway. This type of hard work and dedication is required to consistently kill large numbers of birds. Snow Geese are by far the hardest birds to hunt, and Greater Snow Geese pose even more challenges. We spend countless hours scouting, trying to locate large feeds, and determining the best flyways for your hunt. We deploy large decoy spreads, consisting of the best decoys in the industry. It is not uncommon to hunt over 3,500 decoys depending on the conditions. During the spring Conservation Season we run multiple E-Callers to mimic a live flock, and to maximum your chances of harvesting birds. Weather also plays a major factor in a successful hunt, and often times dictates what tactics we use on a daily basis. Just like everything else in life, there is no guarantee in Snow Goose Hunting especially when your dealing with Mother Nature.
When everything lines up and conditions are right, Snow Goose Hunting offers some of the most incredible sites in the waterfowling world. Don't miss your chance at this once in a lifetime experience. Our results speak for themselves!

Canada Goose Hunting
Maryland's Eastern Shore is known as the "Goose Hunting Capitol of the World". We offer half day hunts from large pits and permanent blinds. We lease several properties in both Kent and Queen Anne's counties. These farms give us the opportunity to hunt both land and water depending on the conditions.

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Guided Hunts In Maryland, Delaware And Pennsylvania